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27 April 2015

Internet access; Poldark and Galway

It shocked me to realise that it has been such a long time since I last blogged.  Apart from the fact that the study was freezing, to put it mildly, during the winter and that was with the central heating on full blast...time and a dodgy internet access that came and went just frustrated my attempts to sit down and merrily bang away at the keyboard.  Hopefully I can get back to doing something that I really do enjoy.

You'll have noticed, by now, my picture at the top of the page of Smerwick at Slea Head on the Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry.  I was watching Poldark, along with about 400 zillion other fans, last night and I thought "Okay, Wow, pure Turner!".  Inspired by the HD picture of the Cornish coast, I decided to put up our own Kerry coast.  

 Having watched the original "Poldark" with Robin Ellis in it, and standing on a bookshelf close by are Winston Graham's "Poldark" books, I have to say that I am really loving this 2015 version even though I get a niggle of "oh! yet another gallop from Nampara to Trenwith via Wheal Leisure" now and again.  Cornwall is so beautiful it would be lovely to see a bit more in the next series. The gallops serve to mark the passing of time at least, and those sunsets are something else.

The trip to Galway.  The one that almost, but not quite, indeed very nearly happened last summer, is, allegedly and according to Himself, to happen tomorrow.

We were heading off two weeks ago but his lawnmower died and he went into mourning for it and we spent that assigned day looking for a replacement.  It hasn't been made yet, the shop hasn't been built; the grass is looking fetching with all the cowslips that have appeared on the lawn in the interim.

Last week I woke up with the mother and father of a sinus infection, so I'm responsible for that failed trip.  If we get to Galway for lunch tomorrow it will be [a] a miracle; [b] better be warmer on the Atlantic Coast than the Irish Sea coast and [c] a total shock to my system.  I have taken to marking these prospective Galway trips into my diary with "believe it when I get there" written under it.

We had a lovely three day break there in March.  The weather was idyllic, we took our usual meandering drive around the coastline, had a picnic in Lettermullen, [see previous blogs for pictures] and generally had a wonderful time.  Our waistlines suffered from the fact that we punished ourselves by eating in the hotel - "Blazers" restaurant is to blame if the skirt feels tighter.  On the "being good" side we did take lovely leisurely strolls along the promenade in Salthill.  There is nothing like a good gale off the Atlantic to clear away the cobwebs.  The good food must have acted as ballast.  Said she tongue in cheek.

We are watching the progress of the English election campaign here with interest.  We have a General Election coming up next year.  The dear Government are starting to sweeten the voters with goodies; apparently the recession has receeded, we're on the up and wowee!  Tell that to those who are still struggling with mortgages and those with special needs in schools and hospitals.  We shall see!

So, this time tomorrow, I should be sitting in a restaurant in Galway, enjoying lunch and listening to the sound of a gentle Atlantic breeze waft past.

Believe it when I see it.
I'll keep you posted.


Rob-bear said...

Well, I do hope you have a grand time in the Galway restaurant, with all that oceanic imagery. On this side of the pond, at least in Bear's part, we've been suffering under about eight inches of snow. Fresh snow, to boot. It's melting now, but was "interesting" while it was here. Bear was "not amused."

Blessings and Bear hugs, m'lady!

CAMILLA said...

You have an amazing view from your window Oonah I can see why you have chosen this for your blog title . Quite breathtaking .

Long time since I have blogged too must get round to doing one myself one day.

Hope all,has been sorted out with the heating and your internet access is more agreeable for you . Beautiful scenery of Poldark in Cornwall I have never visited but my sons partners mother lives there .

Sorry to hear about the horrid sinus problems Oonah being a sufferer myself I truly sympathise with you. Hope it eases soon for you.

Have a lovely trip in Galway Bay Oonah. Look forward to lots more pics and to hear all about it.

Frances said...

Oonagh, I was delighted to see this post, and smiled as I read through your reports of the myth of the Galway journey. I await your follow up with great interest.

Please do not think badly of me as I confess to never having watched a single Poldark television program, either the origina or that now circulating. I have a friend who adored the first, but somehow it just never appealed to me. Cannot say why.

However, I love that head picture! I am wishing to be able to climb right into my laptop screen. xo