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28 April 2009

I have been tagged by Frances!

So, I have been tagged by Frances, and here goes!
Current Obsession? Getting my new dishwasher plumbed in

Whats for dinner? Pork Chops, Mushy Peas and creamed potato

Last thing I bought? Don't get me started! A dishwasher, five weeks ago and have spent last five weeks washing delph and mentally beheading the item who said he would come and plumb it in. Allegedly he is due tomorrow!

Listening to Back Street Boy's "I like it that way" [dishwashing that is!]

Favourite holiday spots, Tralee, Tralee, Tralee, oh and Tralee, also Galway, anywhere in Ireland, all of England, Hawaii, San Fransisco, Italy [have to be dragged out of Rome and Siena] and did I mention Tralee, Co Kerry? Land of Tir n'Óg [see J Exmoor's list]

Reading E F Benson's Mapp & Lucia at present, YD gave me dvd set of the series - and as Maxwell Smart used to say to 99 "...and loving it!"

Portly [!] Idiocyncratic [OH said leave out the cyncratic and finish with t, HUH! Honest, Piscean [to the bone]

Do I talk to myself? ----arrah! sure who else would listen to me if I didn't!

Guilty pleasure...hmmm, have to think about that one...garlic chips [french fries]

Who makes me laugh til I weep? OH, some of the comments he comes out with are so 'dry' but apt that I have to sit down in weakness when he starts me laughing.

First Spring thing? The clock going back and the first daffodils, buds appearing...

Planning to travel to...Tralee, Co Kerry...I need a spiritual break this year.

Best thing ate/drank? Glass of merlot last night while indulging a good long gossip with a pal

Flower of the moment; The purple tulips I planted last autumn have come up and they are fabulous!

Favourite film? With Frances on this one, Thin Man, Marx Bros, Bas Rathbone, any of the old Black & Whites, ultimate favourite? Casablanca...play it again Sam!

Care to share some wisdom?
There are no problems only answers, you just have to take time out for a few minutes and look for the solution. [Terry Reilly R.I.P 2.4.1986 friend of mine]

Would you rather walk, run or ride?
Walk, anytime, but since I got my new car...hmmm!

So that's that - I am now tagging Snailbeachshepardess, Blossom Cottage, Cait, Lampworkbeader, Celtic Heart, Fennie, Elizabethm, Pipany, Un Peu Loufoque and @themill...if I have double tagged anybody, my apologies.


Edward said...

So, you're a big fan of Tralee then? And I'm right with you E F Benson - I'd forgotten how funny the books are.

Milla said...

I adored the EFBs as well. Someone called Tom Holt wrote a couple of follow ups, Lucia in London and in Wartime I think, but somehow they just didn't quite work. Good luck with the dishwasher, they're a Godsend.

Frances said...

Many thanks to you, Irish Eyes, for taking up my request in your marvelously enjoyable way.

When I see that garden photo above your site, I want to just dive into that photograph, sit in that chair, or maybe not sit in the chair, but be in the garden to quietly watch for the birds, listen to the sounds, smell the green and floral scents. Nothing like that in this city!

Like Edward and Milla, I am also an EF Benson fan. Back when I regularly traveled to the UK, I made a point of taking the train to Rye one November, to see where Another Writer lived, but also to see the neighborhood of Mapp and Lucia. I took lots of photos of the cobbles and did lots of watercolors based on them.

See what your meme has released, IE?

Still just want to be in that garden of yours! xo

Cait O'Connor said...

Ah Tralee, I love it too. It has everything doesn't it?
Your garden looks like mine and I have the same chairs only green!