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Typical Piscean, dreamer, story teller in the tradition of my country, I love to write. I'm not sure that I'm any good at it, but getting the words down has its reward.

20 October 2013

Opening a new blog site

I have opened a new blog.  It's called

The Chat From Winnie's Corner

and I hope that you will come and join me there.  The View is reverting to what it originally was, a blog on wild life and country living.  Indeed that is where I first started off blogging on the old Country Living site.  The history of the move to the Purple Coo is well known and it gave me the courage to start blogging.

I remember very well, that first blog in December 2006...ok., maybe it was 2005, and I have made some lovely friends down through the years.  I wrote about what I knew best, what was going on outside my kitchen window.  Birds, more birds and animal life.  

Today, a different house, different birds and a different lifestyle.  My daughters have flown the nest...and thanks to the Recession...have returned.  OH has retired and I am semi retired.  The big 60 looms on the horizon come March.  That said, I am embracing the fact with relish.  A new decade, a new venture to follow.

So, I will still turn up here on The View...with tales of old and life as it was in Ireland, birds and squirrels that frequent my garden and the adventures of Mme Pounce.  The Chat from Winnie's corner will take in everyday life, a pinch of politics, a dash of comment on what the papers say; what's going on in Downton...and whatever takes your fancy as we say here.