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09 November 2013

This fine chap arrived on one of our bird feeders during the summer and was captured on camera by YD.  Where he came from or where he went to, we never knew nor found out, but he stayed around for about two hours and then vanished as suddenly as he came.

A picture of our late lamented Check taken early in the summer.  She had been a big feature in the garden and of this blog for the past five years; always somewhere in the garden, sitting looking in, waiting patiently for her evening meal, as the summer wore on it became apparent she had cataracts and couldn't see much further than the end of her nose.  She became increasingly more tame and would wait at the foot of the steps for YD to throw out chicken carcases, leftover stale bread and her supreme favourite Mme Pounce's chewy sticks!  Check was addicted to Whiskas.

Dash, The Pretender, who succeeded to the position of Fox Favourite after poor Check was killed by a car, blinded by her cataracts, she never stood a chance.  Dash was "in moult" here, now he is a very fine fellow indeed.  The ladies are wowed by him, the neighbours love him for his agility as he hops on and consumes all manner of slugs etc., in the wet grass of a night.  The slug population has diminished, flowers and veg are safer and the  handsome chappie claims his reward of...Whiskas chewy bits and leftover food. Well, one good turn deserves another.

It was a bumper year for apples this year, even Mum's old apple tree which was put on the condemned list last year.  It lives to provide another crop again next year.  I made pots of apple and cinnamon, and a certain OH is still licking his lips.

Linnets were plentiful this summer and they made the lovely long summer evenings, during the heatwave, even more pleasureable.

Coming into land!

And so, as we look forward to Christmas in a few weeks, it's nice to look back on summer days and visitors to the garden.

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