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04 March 2010

Tagged about my Bag...or should that read...

Bags! for I am a bagaholic. OH is oftimes heard to wail "NOT ANOTHER BAG FOR GOD'S SAKE...MORE COWS HAVE DIED TO PROVIDE YOU WITH ANOTHER BAG!" Well not quite. I love a good handbag and on a recent visit to T K Maxx with YD who was in search for her first 'good handbag' I had to hold his hand and repeatedly assure him that no, I was not purchasing, it was strictly YD's hunt. But I did eye up a really nice tan leather...


Well, one good thing about me is that the contents never vary. The bags will change with the outfit...without being ocd about things I am usually co-ordinated in my outfits [well, it is a good excuse for a new bag isn't it?] but the contents religiously stay the same.

Here goes>>>
Diabetes monitor bag - a necessity and a "never go without"

6 pens as in 1 fountain and 5 good 'biro's'...I am not into the advertising kind, I love the type that looks like a fountain pen...and that is my other great obsession...pens! Some women cannot live without their Jimmy Choos, yours truly cannot live without ink.

A notebook; for taking down shorthand [or my version of it] notes on whatever catches my fancy. I'm also a doodler when having to sit in waiting rooms, so out comes the pad and I doodle away the time. It is a leftover habit to have a notebook in-bag from the hectic days of being secretary of more committee's than I care to remember.

Cheque book - with dust attached to each page...

Linen handkerchief - last of six beauties bought in Killarney a long time ago;
packet of tissues - the eucalyptus type.

The latest book I am reading [usually] - Jeffrey Deaver is in there at the moment.


Purse. Resident moths included.

Small bottle perfume.

Mini-manicure set - or as ED calls it "Mum's McGyver kit".

Bar of chocolate for emergencies as in when levels drop.

Apple in plastic bag usually for when I go out and am not sure when I shall be home, so if I get a 'drop' there is one hours 'lift' in an apple - the healthier option than the chocolate but not as long lasting.

Diary - size can vary - as I buy what takes my fancy when they come out, but this year I have upgraded myself and am keeping all and sundry on the final component of MY BAG...

...Mobile phone - my contact with the outside world, I am an unstoppable texter, it organises my life, my contacts and a few committee's I am on as well.

So there you have it, my handbag, always capacious, always with me and the last daughter that referred to me as The Baglady is nursing a shock from the evil look the baglady sent her!

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Frances said...

Irish Eyes, I thank you so much for catching my tag. I like what you write about changing identical contents from bag to bag, so to have coordinated wardrobing.

Your organization is inspiring! Have to admit that I also have a bit of a thing about pens,old and new, but keep my best ones at home.

I was thinking that you just keep a small photo of the marvelous Mme Pounce tucked away in that handbag!