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04 October 2010

Building - the new Yoga

At the moment I am sitting in the study, surrounded by the contents of the dining room, and half the sitting room. Things have progressed on the build at a rapid pace and the roofers started today; hence the big clearance from the other rooms. In order to sit here and blog, I am lying half sideways and reaching around a tipsy pile of magazines...really must sort and dump them!

We are hoping now that all will be done and dusted by the end of November, and that Christmas should see us warmed by the new range, cosseted with more space and enjoying our turkey on Christmas day, without a mile hike from kitchen to table!

Peter has the patience of Job, and I have discovered that I am a frustrated blocklayer, I would love to be in there doing all those bits and pieces...so I curb my enthusiasm and head for the carpet shop to pick out a nice lino for the kitchen floor. I can not believe how fast things are going, long may the pace last.

My friend, the one who likes to tell me I don't know anything about everything, called up the other day. On the phone she told me that she would be giving me helpful and practical tips on how to survive a build, "seeing as how you have never experience anything like this before". I wondered aloud to myself "what was that thing we got done in the old house?" still, she means well, and I haven't the heart to trample on her dreams of her version of a perfect world. She was a little disgruntled to find out that there is such progress on the build, rather than feeling frustrated, at wits end and full of venom towards the builder, I am getting on like a house on fire with him, and instead of all things being higgeldy piggeldy in the study, there is actually a retrieval system in place - despite yoga like sitting to use the computer. Well, you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs can you.

Ah well, away with me now to enjoy myself watching the progress, do some laundry and leave you with a few of my favourite pics...


her at home said...

I seem to have lived for years with room contents shifting about the place and have given up any hope of ever finding my measuring spoons again so do hope you manage Christmas with all completed!!

Bluestocking Mum said...

I seriously don't envy you, all that upheaval (I've been there many times.) But I do rather enjoy these kinds of projects.

It's a tip from someone who knows, whatever time you allow, add on at least an extra 6 weeks. That way, you you won't be disappointed if it doesn't hit your planned date.

Frances said...

Ahhh, it seems that you have charmed those builders, Irish Eyes. Why does this not surprise me?

It's grand to hear that the work is progressing well. Wouldn't it be super to have all done before Christmas?

Thank you for this update. Even so, you know how greedy I am to have more of your posts to read and relish.


Chris Stovell said...

Well done, it sounds as if all is on track - you sound contended.