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27 July 2018

Catching up, yet again

I shocked myself earlier this year when I realised that I had not blogged in over a year.  The road to hell, the nuns used to tell us, is paved with good intentions.  At that rate, I'll have toasty feet when my time comes. 😂

Since I last blogged life has hit with one wallop after another, but I'm still standing, as Elton's song goes.  In April an elderly friend and mother of my late, lifelong friend who had passed away five years previously, went to join her much loved and very lamented daughter.  In May I was threatened with retinal detachment - survived that but keeping watchful eye on it...the optician's eye that is...what, did you think I was punning?  Me?...well! In June YD underwent major surgery for an 8 kilo cyst and a huge clot.  She is recouperating well.  Here at home, fussed over by a doting father, and a grateful mother, both of whom are so grateful to have her with us, alive and looking forward to being her older sisters Chief Bridesmaid next Saturday.  In June ED was talking about calling off the wedding, so grim was the prospect in her eyes that YD would survive all that was ahead of her.  However, she is with us, healing at a pace that is a marvel to the Health Nurse who attends her on a daily basis.  She has a wound following the operation that many a Soldier wounded in battle would respect.

The quietest of the two siblings, she has a stoic character and has borne with grace and equinamity all that she has gone through.  If I sound biased, then replace it with maternal pride and thanksgiving for a much maligned health service that came through for her and a Gynaecologist/Oncologist who has been awesome in his work, his dedication and his very cool head.  Mere words cannot express our gratitude to him and his team.  On the day of the operation the most wonderful part of the day came with his call "All has gone according to plan, she's come through beautifully".  He and the team took their time deciding the best way to tackle a multi complex issue, a case of hasten slowly as my late Mother would have put it.  It frustrated Himself and ED, but I have to say from I first was introduced to him as head of the team taking care of her, I had a sense of calm and a feeling he would bring her through.  He did.  

Next week ED will marry the love of her life, supported by family and friends and her pride and joy she tells me will be her beautiful bridesmaid - her sister.  She is already referring to the wedding as "we get married and then celebrate YD surviving and being with us on the day".

There are two or three more hurdles to overcome before life, hopefully, settles back to some form of normality.  It will never be the same again, we no longer take "feeling great" to mean all is well.  YD was feeling great and in the meantime, a nasty great cyst was growing within.  It is never a bad thing to have a check up with your GP - and a GP who is about his/her business and alert and attentive.  

So here I am, on the catch up again.  At least due to upgrading each week I will definitely be online one day a week, so I intend to blog on that day.  I have missed blogging, and missed reading the blogs of my favourite bloggers, but for today catch up is enough.  

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